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OCT 2018

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48 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 10.18 AT THE TURN (career) Conrad Pannkuk Conrad Pannkuk takes a break from his duties as assistant superintendent at The Club at Wyn- stone in North Barrington, Ill., with his new companion, Lyla. Photo by Tyler Olsen GCSAA with the assist The Assistant Superintendent Certificate Series is a valuable tool for those who aspire to become superintendents. Editor's note: e following story highlights GCSAA's Assistant Superintendent Certificate Series from the perspective of Conrad Pannkuk, the assistant superintendent at e Club at Wyndstone in North Barrington, Ill., who is currently working his way through the program. When I think of successful golf course superintendents, a few common characteristics come to mind. Successful superintendents are always agronomically intelligent and diligent with a budget. ey are strong leaders and always look to do what is best for the environment. In my short career, I have had many mentors who exemplify all of these characteristics. An instance that stands out to me is from my internship at Whistling Straits Golf Course. e superintendent of e Straits course, Chris Zugel, is a phenomenal leader. He has many leadership characteristics that I hope to have one day. e crew at Whistling Straits was a mix of experienced laborers and high school and college kids. I have since learned that this can be a difficult kind of crew to manage. e tendency is to rely heavily on the experienced laborers and just get by with the kids. Chris, though, was able to elevate the youngsters so they would produce just as much as the experienced laborers. He is able to keep a light and fun attitude, but he still manages to keep everything moving the way that it needs to move. I hope someday I can consider myself as strong of a leader as Chris. I believe I will be able to further my leadership abilities with the new Assistant Superinten - dent Certificate Series GCSAA has started. I believe I will be able to further my leadership abilities with the new Assistant Superintendent Certificate Series GCSAA has started.

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