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OCT 2018

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10.18 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 37 in December 1981. A son, Will, arrived a few years later. "My mom was a stay-at-home mom. We adjusted our liv - ing to fit our budget. We don't have to have the biggest, best, first or the most. at was fine with me," says Deb - bie, noting work hours were a perk of William's job when the children were young. "He went to work early and got home early, around 4. Many dads aren't home until 6 or 7, so he was there for the kids. When he's off work, we're together. e job has treated us well." When William had back issues, Debbie stayed nearby. "I had a recliner in his office. I took my computer and oc - cupied myself," she says. Don Branch, who hired Smith at Green Island, says Debbie's loyalty to William is transpar - ent. "We live 10 blocks from the club, and we've begged her to come visit us. She says, 'He may need me; I'm going to stay here.' I would hate to be the one to say something bad about him in her presence," Branch says. Including that stretch earlier this year, the Smiths have been on quite a ride together. "Neither one of us is selfish. You're not an individual; you're a team. at's just how it's going to be," William says. Kevin and Julie Hicks As he stood inside his garage on Magnuson Street, Kevin Hicks looked up and watched the rain pouring over his gutters. is was a weekday, which is a story in itself. How many times had Hicks, a golf course superin - tendent for 25 years, been home on a weekday? Yet there he was about a year ago, in a new job and, obviously, a new challenge. Like superintendents, even former ones, Hicks found a way. "Once the rain ended, I took care of the clogs," he says. "I think that is when I finally realized I'd left everything in my personal life behind for my job." Being a superintendent was his life. For 14 years, he "Neither one of us is selfish. You're not an individual; you're a team. That's just how it's going to be." — William Smith

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