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OCT 2018

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16 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 10.18 Just four months after GCSAA was founded as the National Association of Green - keepers of America, the first issue of its maga- zine, The National Greenkeeper, rolled off the presses in January 1927. Even in its infancy, the association's leaders knew that communi - cating with members was key to a strong and engaged membership. The magazine weathered the Great De - pression, with a big assist from Leo Feser, who from 1933 to 1936 wrote, edited, assembled and published what was then known as The Greenkeepers' Report from his home in Way - zata, Minn. Feser is now the namesake of GCSAA's Leo Feser Award given to the au - thor of the best superintendent-written story in GCM. The magazine survived World War II and went through four other name changes before becoming Golf Course Management in 1979. Today, members can still count on GCM each month, but the traditional printed version is accompanied by a digital version of the magazine, the magazine's website, , and social media accounts on Twitter (@GCM_Magazine) and Facebook ( Magazine ). As your email inbox and social media channels have demonstrated, the magazine is just the tip of the iceberg among the multiple ways we reach out to members to share the lat - est GCSAA and industry news, membership benefits, professional development opportuni - ties, ways to get involved, and the stories of the ardent members who make our associa - tion great. Last week, we launched GCSAA's newest way to connect with members, the GCSAA Podcast, and we hope that you will give it a listen. The GCSAA Podcast will feature relevant association and industry content that will in - clude educational information, updates on GCSAA programs and services, reports from industry events, human interest stories and interviews with some of the biggest names in golf course management. The GCSAA Pod - cast is hosted by our own Scott Hollister, edi- tor-in-chief of GCM. You can subscribe to the GCSAA Podcast (from the CEO) J. Rhett Evans Twitter: @GCSAACEO on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. If you missed the first episode, which included cover - age of GCSAA volunteers at the Ryder Cup in France, you can get caught up and learn more at . Whether you listen out on the course, dur - ing your daily commute, or while catching a workout, we hope the GCSAA Podcast will be a permanent edition to your podcast playlist. In the next few months, the GCSAA Pod - cast will feature industry legend Matt Shaffer, an update on the First Green program, a visit to the Carolinas GCSA Conference and Show, interviews with the Old Tom Morris, Envi - ronmental Leaders in Golf and Most Valuable Technician award winners, and previews of the 2019 GCSAA Golf Championships and the Golf Industry Show in San Diego. Speaking of the Golf Industry Show, an - other example of GCSAA's communication tools adapting to fit the needs of our members is the newly redesigned GIS website, www. . The site has been re - designed to be more visually pleasing, easier to navigate and with better responsiveness for your smartphone or tablet. Be sure to check out the new design before GIS registration opens on Oct. 16. The website is just one tool to use as you prepare for San Diego. Don't forget to down - load the GIS app for information before and during the show, join us on Twitter (@ GIS_2019) to learn about all GIS has to offer and interact with others who will be there, and watch your email for highlights of GIS offer - ings. In whatever way you like to consume in - formation, we hope GCSAA offers your favor- ite method to stay up to date with the asso- ciation. If not, communication is a two-way street, so please let us know if there is better way for us to keep you informed and engaged. J. Rhett Evans is GCSAA's chief executive officer. Staying tuned in to member needs In whatever way you like to consume information, we hope GCSAA offers your favorite method to stay up to date with the association.

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