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OCT 2018

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10 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 10.18 INSIGHTS RESEARCH 14 President's Message 16 From the CEO 18 Front Nine 26 Photo Quiz 58 Through the Green 74 Verdure 76 Product News 78 Industry News 80 Climbing the Ladder 80 On Course 81 Coming Up 82 On the Move 86 New Class A Members 88 Newly Certified 88 New Members 90 In Memoriam 96 Final Shot ETCETERA 10.18 Management of natural areas and annual bluegrass weevil overwintering Accumulated dead plant residue in natural areas of the golf course may allow annual bluegrass weevils to overwinter successfully, but removing the vegetation may not enhance weevil control. Kyle Wickings, Ph.D. 6 9 Cutting Edge Teresa Carson 7 5 28 Business Pay attention to the signals Chris Carson Environment Advocating for the western monarchs Andrew Hartsock 30 Shop Vision in hidden places Scott R. Nesbitt 32 Do some wetting agents remove organic coatings from water- repellent sand particles? A laboratory study confirmed for the first time that certain wetting agents can remove organic coatings that cause soil water repellency. Enzhan Song, Ph.D. Keith W. Goyne, Ph.D. Robert J. Kremer, Ph.D. Stephen H. Anderson, Ph.D. Xi Xiong, Ph.D. 6 0

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