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34 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 09.18 Are you looking for ways to elevate your career and advance in the golf industry? Yes, of course. So how do we define "elevate" in terms of conducting a job search? Elevating your career is basically thinking of your job from a higher altitude, a big-picture perspec - tive — not just you, your crew, your depart- ment — but a broader view of how your work contributes to the overall success of your golf facility and the game of golf. Before you con - duct your next job search, I encourage you to incorporate these three simple ideas into your résumé to elevate your career — and win. Elevate your course statistics. We critique hundreds of résumés each year, and the stron - gest ones include a solid course description when listing employer name and location. Although most golf industry professionals in - clude a few statistics about their current and former golf courses, such as how many holes and grass types, the most powerful résumés include elevated statistics that portray the golf facility and its customers. Ideas include how many members you serve and type of club structure, such as member-equity or sin - gle-owner, or number of golfers per year and owner structure if daily-fee course, tourna - ments hosted, characterization or reputation of the course, date opened, architect, histori - cally interesting points about the golf facility and rankings or notable quotes from media. Lastly, remember that if you are conducting a search outside of your local area, there is a good chance the reader will not be aware of your golf course, so it is up to you to convey points that will depict it in the best light based on the target reader's perspective. Elevate your role description. Too many times, the experience section of a golf industry professional résumé consists of tasks and re - sponsibilities related only to the maintenance department and staff. Instead, tell more about you and how your role is important to the en - tire golf facility, local community and overall game of golf. is is your opportunity to char - acterize your work, so choose wisely when de- scribing your job. For example, if you are an assistant superintendent applying to be a golf course superintendent, it is even more incum - bent upon you to elevate your role description and show how you are part of the leadership team and fulfill an important role in provid- ing the best possible golf experience for your customers. Avoid getting bogged down with listing tasks that all the other candidates will have done as well. Convey the scope of your responsibilities with the reader in mind, high - lighting ways you are accountable for the con- tinued success, service level and reputation of your golf facility. Elevate your achievements. In the expe - rience section, in addition to articulating the scope of your role, it's important to list achievements and wins, typically in a bullet format. is section is an opportunity for you to distinguish your work in light of the over - all golf facility's measures of success, such as memberships gained, rounds played, ranking, cost savings, tournaments, player experience and community involvement and reputation. e key is to elevate the listings to show how your work impacted the success of the entire golf facility, not just for you or your depart - ment. For example, if you worked with the banquet manager to host a large golf and so - cial event to generate new members, and it succeeded, that's a great story to demonstrate your role on the leadership team and ability to work toward overall club goals. When listing a turf-related success, elevate it by including the reason you took on the project and your goals, such as improved player enjoyment or cost sav - ings, which will resonate with your audience of hiring-committee members. e next time you submit your résumé to a prospective employer, read it through the lens of being elevated to put your best foot for - ward. Will the reader see your role in a broader context and see how you will be valuable to the leadership team and achieving overall golf facility goals? If you do this, you will be a step ahead in winning your next job and advancing your career. Carol D. Rau, PHR, is a career consultant with GCSAA and the owner of Career Advantage, a career consulting firm in Lawrence, Kan., specializing in golf and turf industry careers. GCSAA members receive complimentary résumé critiques from Rau and her team; résumé, cover letter and LinkedIn creation for a reduced member rate; and inter - view preparation and portfolio consultation. Elevate your career The next time you submit your résumé to a prospective employer, read it through the lens of being elevated to put your best foot forward. (career) Carol D. Rau, PHR Twitter: @CareerGolf

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