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08.18 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 73 among individual tools throughout the 40-volt system and features a USB connection so it can be used to power other smart devices on the go, such as phones and tablets. Visit Greenworks Commercial, Progressive Turf Equipment unveiled Pro-Roll 10 and Pro-Roll 15 turf rollers with rolling widths of 10 feet, 8 inches or 15 feet. The rollers are ideal for smoothing flat or contoured turf. They also can aid in reducing disease pressure and permit reductions in mowing frequency and chemical usage, while still being gentle enough for use on new growth and delicate turf, the company says. Both models offer consistent compaction, regardless of the terrain profile. Each roller is able to track changing contours independently. Solid ballast is easily added to or removed from each roller deck, allowing even compaction across all rollers. Pro-Roll has the ability to make sharp turns without scuffing, according to the company, because of its four individually mounted transport tires, short roller length and Progressive's Pro Lift-N-Turn system. Visit Progressive Turf Equipment, pro-roll_details.php. ezLocator received U.S. Patent No. 9,952,327 for its revolutionary pin placement system . ezLocator's software helps superintendents identify and select hole locations that are consistent with proper green management and provide variability over time. The patented technology is the cornerstone of ezLocator's product suite, powering features that benefit greenkeepers, pros and players alike. Visit ezLocator, Turfgrass Products by Groundskeeper Tech is a mobile app developed by Michael D'Ascanio, who says the square-foot mapping system provides exact fertilizer estimates. The product features Google satellite images and provides instant calculations. It also lets the superintendent or landscaper know how much product to purchase. Members have full access on iPhone, Android and desktop PC. Visit Turfgrass Products, Target Specialty Products , a provider of turf and ornamental landscaping solutions in the U.S. and Canada, and Solitude Lake Management , a provider of comprehensive freshwater aquatic services, are working together to offer a complete line of professional turf, lawn-care and aquatic solutions for the professional golf market, beginning this summer. Target Specialty Products provides value-added solutions for turf and ornamental landscaping and pest management, along with application equipment, supplies and education and training programs. Solitude Lake Management offers sustainable lake- and pond-management strategies, fountains and aeration systems, integrated fisheries management, lake mapping and bathymetric studies, water-quality testing and monitoring and a wide range of additional aquatic services designed to restore and preserve ecological balance in managed resources. Visit Target Specialty Products,, and Solitude Lake Manage- ment, Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. announced its new line of Cush- man Shuttle personnel carriers powered by the company's exclusive 72-volt AC electric drivetrain. Textron Specialized Vehicles has incorporated this innovative technology, with its improved energy efficiency and increased range, into its Cushman Shuttle 4, Shuttle 6 and Shuttle 8 models (the number indicates the number of passengers the vehicle can accommodate). The company says that AC drivetrain technology is superior to DC electric power because its alternating flow of charge allows it to deliver more power and performance while using less energy. The 72-volt AC drivetrain on the newest Shuttle models generates longer battery life, enabling vehicles to travel farther between charges, and delivers remarkable hill-climbing capabili- ties, the company says. Known for transporting people and cargo throughout large facilities, Shuttle vehicles are commonly used in a range of applications, including golf courses, resorts, airports, educational facilities and college and commercial cam- puses. Cushman Shuttles feature standard headlights, brush guard, hour meter and USB port and can be equipped with a range of options and accessories, including a limited-slip differential, windshields, canopies and more. The Cushman Shuttle 4 features a stake-side cargo bed to carry equipment, luggage or personal belongings. Visit Cushman, Cushman

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