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AUG 2018

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62 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 08.18 Bert McCarty, Ph.D. Fred Yelverton, Ph.D. Poa annua L. is a highly variable plant from its evolutionary origin as an allotetra - ploid hybrid between Poa infirma and Poa supina (Figure 1). It survives as a weed be - cause of its high genotypical and phenotypi- Poa annua control: A perpetually moving target Herbicide-resistant Poa annua populations have researchers rethinking best control strategies. Figure 1. Poa annua continues to plague all turfgrasses throughout the world. Its wide genetic variability enables it to behave as the "cockroach" of the turf world, as it has become adaptable to many environmental and agronomic practices. Photos by Bert McCarty cal variability, rapid germination, survival when uprooted, tolerance to compacted soils and, most recently, development of resistance to herbicides. As part of its genetic variability, resistance to all herbicidal modes of action oc - curs. Fortunately, resistance is mostly local in nature, but it is expanding rapidly. With this rapid increase in resistance and lessons learned from agronomic row crops, we believe a fun - damental paradigm shift in control strategies

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