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Earn 2018 Fall Solutions EOP rewards NOW! // NOW Solutions products - Exteris ® Stressgard ® , Indemnify ® , Tartan ® Stressgard, Mirage ® Stressgard, Banol ® (2.5 gal) and Utility PAK // Save an immediate discount of 22% with the Utility PAK // Enjoy the 2018 Fall Solution select rebate on Mirage Stressgard and Banol (2.5 gal) // Extended product and PAK payment terms until June 5, 2019 // All NOW Solutions purchases count toward your 2018 Fall Solutions tier rebate up to 9%* // Rebates paid as My Bayer Rewards (MBR) points; members can redeem points for thousands of catalog items, company checks and/or distributor credits Problem Bayer Solutions Dollar spot, brown patch, gray leaf spot, Microdochium patch Exteris Stressgard (Not registered for sale, or use, in CA, SD, Nassau and Suffolk counties of New York State.) Dollar spot, gray leaf spot, Microdochium patch, pink snow mold, red thread/pink patch, anthracnose, brown patch, fairy ring, Bipolaris leaf spot, Dreschlera leaf spot and summer patch Tartan Stressgard Pythium seedling damping off and Pythium Blight Banol (2.5 gal) – NEW FOR 2018 NOW Solutions Eligible for 2018 Fall Solutions $60/gal rebate value** (payable as 6,000 MBR points) 10 gal cumulative minimum purchase August 1 - December 7, 2018 Dollar spot, gray leaf spot, snow molds, brown patch, cool- season brown patch/yellow patch (Rhizoctonia cerealis), summer patch, fairy ring, take-all patch, brown ring (Waitea) patch (Waitea circinata var. circinata), red thread/pink patch, anthracnose Mirage Stressgard Eligible for 2018 Fall Solutions $15/gal rebate value*** (payable as 1,500 MBR points) 20 gal. cumulative minimum purchase August 1 - December 7, 2018. Also available as a component of the Bayer Utility PAK. Snow molds, Microdochium patch, dollar spot, brown patch, Bipolaris & Dreschlera leaf spots, Curvularia blight, red thread/pink patch, rust Interface Stressgard Available in the Bayer Utility PAK for NOW Solutions Major plant parasitic nematodes including sting, root-knot, stunt, ring, and many others Indemnify (Not registered for sale, or use in NY.) 22% Savings vs. Individual Component Products Bayer Utility PAK $2,500 Products QTY Package Size Use Rate per 1,000 sq. ft. Acres Use Rate per 1,000 sq. ft. Acres Interface ® Stressgard 3 2 x 2.5 gal./case 3.0 fl. oz. 14.7 6.0 fl. oz. 7.3 Mirage Stressgard 1 2 x 2.5 gal./case 1.0 fl. oz. 14.7 2.0 fl. oz. 7.3 National price except CA and WA, does not include any state or mill tax. *See back for details. **See back for details. ***See back for details. 2018 Bayer Utility PAK: Proven Control, Great Value! Golf Cool Season August 1 - September 30, 2018

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